28 March 2006

History of the Longkang Gang

Dear fellow fishos and forumers,

To those who are new in MFN, you guys must be wondering who/what the heck is the Longkang Gang? Their signatures are everywhere in MFN. Are they some kind of Longkang mafia from the secret society or what?

Well, there has been quite a number of enquiries recently posted by new MFN members about what Longkang Gang is all about. So, below is a write-up of how The Longkang Gang was formed and how it got it's name.

It's a very long story indeed. It's all started from 2 forumers here, one is yours truly Jeymatt and the other one is culky. Every morning before going to work, we would go for our early morning exercise which is fishing for Tarpons at Sungai Juru. Sungai Juru is in fact a brackish water riverine. We would have lots of hook-ups. The Tarpons would range from 14-20 inches and methods of catching them are strictly spin-fly and lure casting, that's how I was introduced to Lucky Craft lures. After landing them, we would take photos and release them back into the wild. Strictly CPR (Catch, Photograph & Release).

Our 3rd member is Hunter, a non-MFN forumer at that time, was introduced to me by culky and he also happens to be a free lance reporter for Rod & Line Chinese edition. So, the 3 of us happy go lucky dudes who always spend our leisure time on one common interest together, and that is fishing.

Me and culky contributed our photos and shared our fishing experiences at the fishing pictures thread under General Discussion topic. From there our 4th new member wanted to join us fishing and he is none other than the Mighty Sild, followed by our 5th member tiger2my the Tarpon Sifu, and next our 6th member who is a lady fisho, sunshine2sally.

From Sungai Juru of Penang mainland till Balik Pulau of Penang island and back to Sungai Rambai of Bukit Mertajam, a never ending Tarpon expedition we go. Soon enough, We are well known to be hardcore freshwater casting anglers in MFN. From there onwards, a lot of forumers from Penang, Perlis and Kedah joined us fishing for Tarpons and now our group has grown to a big number. We are just a simple bunch of jovial happy go lucky anglers with a good balance mixture of Chinese and Malay who enjoy good fishing companion without any politics involved and we always welcome everyone and anyone in MFN to join us for our fishing trips.

The Longkang Gang consist of a team of well diversified anglers who not only target for Tarpon but also Toman, Sebarau, Belida, Kelisa, Siakap, Ladyfish, Peacock Bass, and etc. Our next target will be the Plabuk of BungSamRan, Bangkok next month. Our trademark is actually freshwater sportfishing with lures

How we got our name? This is the best part. There was this forumer by the name of baba and he is a fisho friend of ours from KL. One time, he came up to Penang and wanted to join us fishing for Tarpon which he heard so much about. So, we brought him to Balik Pulau for fishing but he didn't land any Tarpon. After he has gone back to KL, we teased him in the forum at the thrashtalk thread, just friendly bashing of course. In defense, he and his sidekick ekwong counter-teased us by saying that we are all Longkang fishermen, only good in Longkang. In both of their dictionary, canal or riverine is considered Longkang to them. We are fine with their remarks because we are proud to fish in our so called "Longkang" which refers to Tarpon rivers, Air Ganda, Temenggor, Bersia, Sungai Muda, Timah Tasoh, Air Kuning, Tanjung Tualang, sea of Penang, etc.

So, from baba and ekwong's tease to us, we turned their tease from negative into positive energy. Finally tiger2my named our group The Longkang Gang and it was formed end of December 2004. The Longkang Gang was also featured in Rod & Line(English & Chinese edition) and also not forgetting Sirip magazine as well, so from there onwards, our Longkang Gang name has been spreading and gaining popularity. In the recent U4 sportfishing competition. The Longkang Gang sent in 5 teams to compete with 21 other teams. Longkang Gang's 2 out of 5 teams manage to qualify for top 5 position.

To tell you the truth, I am very proud to be associated with this group of fishos. You know why? They are very friendly and helpful people who don't mind to share their knowledge. You can never find such a good balance blend of many races fishing together and that is The Longkang Gang. This is the true story of the making of The Longkang Gang.


Q: Who is the chairman or president of LKG?
A: There is no chairman nor president nor head in LKG, everyone is the same ranking and everyone is a leader. We are one big happy family!

Q: What is the objective of LKG?
A: The objective of LKG is to promote friendship among all races through sportfishing.

Q: How does one becomes a family member of LKG?
A: He just has to be part of the gang in all aspects which means he has to often (no "Touch & Go") join LKG members, fish together and get to know each other in real person through fishing trips and gatherings organised by LKG.

Q: When is the birthdate of Longkang Gang?
A: 27 December 2004

Cheers and Happy Fishing!

- Jeymatt


  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Good job Team LKG. I am very proud that from MFN all of you are able to flourish to your own site.

    May more good things come to the Northern anglers in fishing, work and family.

    My warmest regards to everyone for your contribution admist your work.

    Vincent Chin
    The Malaysian Fishing Net

  2. Thanks to you Vincent! Without you as the creator of www.fishing.net.my forum, there wouldn't be any LKG! LKG is proud to have you as our honourable member. Long Live MFN!

    Member of LKG Advisory Panel