26 January 2007

Loban in Malacca

Venue: All over Malacca
Angler: Loban

My life as a student. Full time fishing part time study

Jelawat of Malacca

Caught this last month

Toman Hunting Thesis

My teacher never tell me not to hook myself..Ouch!!

22 January 2007

An Inspirational LKG at Tukun Perak

Our LKG brothers being humble by the mighty GTs of Tukun Perak.

A 15kg GT landed by Gekko using Yo-Zuri 100g Surface Bull GT Popper.

"I 've done it again" - Dolah

The only Barracuda throughout the trip - Akashah

The Golden Snapper which couldn't resist the temptation from a Pirate's scent - Lannun

Kacuakman with his beautiful catch.

"Sild the Rod Breaker" who didn't break his rod this time.