29 August 2007

Loban Weekend Trip

Angler: Loban
Location: Somewhere in the middle of the sea

This is how i spend my weekend...... No sailfish so i whack the squid. Enjoy my pic.

Malaysian Tiger Roaming in Thailand

Anglers: Tiger2my
Location: Thailand

See...what I did 3 weeks ago....in Thailand

Still not able to catch my dream siamese haruan...but this will do...hehehe

PeeOud...LKG Thailand posing with my catch...kalui on LC clasical leader

This one a kalui..this time on minibuswhacker

Another nice haruan...this time on a minibushwhacker...

A keli..on LC classical leader...strange but true.... heheheheh..in fact caught 2.

28 August 2007

UK Longkang Updates

Anglers: Fishingboy in UK country
Date: Throughout August 2007

Just to share a picture of a small perch I caught this afternoon. Bad fishing trip, only caught 4 small ones. Should have gone to the canal, instead of the river

Longkang chub about 1.5kg

Pike from the river weeds

The largest fish of the day

11 August 2007

MFN U5 Recce Trip

CWS Recce

A total of 465 peacock bass were landed last Saturday in CWS. 8 anglers consisting of Lannun, Setobe, Jeymatt, Fishnut, Culky, Marlin, Fizzy and myself was there to survey 2 new lakes for the coming tournament. Spinfly works best as most of the fishes are located at the bottom of the lake, with lures coming second and softplastic coming last.

Lannun alone landed more than 100 pb to mark his biggest catch record in a day.

Transporting our boat to the lake

Hopefully this recce will be succesfull

Culkt with his first PB of the day

Lannun no.100 PB

Good size PB by Setobe

2 PB in one GO using apollo spinfly concept

Haruan CWS

Another good size PB by Lannun