23 January 2011


Legend tells of a legendary angler, whose angling skills were the stuff of legend...

It is a great honour and great shame to have this self proclaimed Legend with the LKG.

Be warned, that the contents of this post, is NOT FOR THE "SANE". It was handed down by the Legend himself. Therefore, proceed only if you think you are capable of digesting legendary stuff...


Read and heard from somewhere that there is a local legend (Chinese Tar Zan) hiding out in Banding...

As usual, I need to find out whether it is true or not... will be good if it is true... so it wont be so lonely for me (as you all know I AM LEGEND myself...)

Managed to con KC aka SENGET and another non angler, Roland Foo to drive us there. Reached the Banding jetty at around 7am. Tar Zan is nowhere to be seen. Told everyone to be on the look out, watching for crashing from the tree top (Tar Zan swinging from vines) and also straining our ears for his signature cries... ORE_EEE--ORE!!!!

Right on the cue, the tree top started shaking violently and a familiar scream ORE_EEEE_OREEEE and follow by a sickly sounding crash!! False alarm... that was GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE. Sheeeshh...

A low rumbling sound of an outboard motor fills the early morning air. As it gets nearer, I glimpse a very tanned, long haired guy manning the boat... Lo and behold, it is Tar Zan in the flesh, complete with a 300 dollars sun glass.

It was a tense moment as we sized each other up (Legend to Legend). Without a word being said, I hopped into the 18 footer fiberglass boat.

For those common folks, we Legends do not talk much. We knew at once that BANDING is much smaller than our EGOs... Better give each other space, or else there will be an epic battle of EGOs and this will totally destroy Banding...

An hour and a half latter we reach his tree top dwelling (because of the high water level, it appears to be floating on water).

We docked, and I was taken aback by the cosy interior. Fridge, Astro, chest freezer, 24 hrs generator running, hot water, fully equipped kitchen, purified drinking water, ceiling fans and comfortable matresses with clean pillow case and blanket...

Tar Zan showed me the place where he met JANE:

BTW this is not JANE... It is KC aka Senget:

Tar Zan hunting for crocs... but instead met hippo... (sorry Roland... hehehehe)

Me with a couple of smallish sebaraus...

Suddenly we heard the trumpeting of elephants, immediately we forgot about the crocs... Armed with only 2 pen knives and a butter knife, we charged at the source of the commotion... After 15 minutes of stare down with 20 elephants, they (elephants) backed down, and with tails between their legs they quietly slipped back into the dense jungle.

Tar Zan and I slowly turned and faced each other, without a word being said we understood each other. INDEED BANDING IS A WEE BIT TOO SMALL FOR US!!.

A victory swim and we call it a day...

After spending 4 glorious nights under the stars... it was time to head back to civilization. ADIOS TAR ZAN.... ORE--EEE--ORE--Tar Zan boh cheng khorrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

13 January 2011


Our friend Mbax has been sneaking around fishing from off the radar...
Alas, he was caught red handed!

Presenting some highlights from Le Galleria Le Mbax!

03 January 2011


Thanks to a comment from an annonymous reader, an error has been corrected (location was previously updated as Machap, and yes Machap is off limits). Classic mistake by a person who updates blogs without getting facts right. Sorry, sorreee... Anyway, back to more meaningful matters...

Loban at Jasin, Melaka


Power update from Loban:

Just done this pe1-3 rod, so today took it for a run on haruan. POWERRRRR.... landed 3 haruan and 1 geli on SP. No problem with jigging the fish in.... hehe!!! 


The Flying Tarpon


Tarpon Pirate!

GoldMarlin with Gold Gelama

GoldMarlin with a 'cuda!

What's this??

Christmas MJ!


How do we welcome the New Year? Err, fishing???
Last day of 2010... this is what happened...
Pics & report by FireTiger

Kena gasak...

Dunno how to fight one...

Torturing fish with tiny reel...

Choo pulled the fish out of the water with bare hands...

...and then forced the fish to suck his thumb

Not a bad ending for 2010

Honey, i shrunk the fish!