28 November 2006

Happily Ever After

Next to come! - Jeymatt Junior. Congratulations to Jeymatt and wife on your wedding occasion.

Yammm Seeeennggg !!!

"Who Touch Who Die" This food is mine.

The LONGKANG GANG at Jeymatt dan Sandra Wedding.

11 November 2006

Tuas Showdown

Rainbow Runner caught by Roberto

Ikan Tanda(Fingerprint Snapper) ... the black mole fish

The Champion of Tenggiri, Lato'Culky

Bowjenk with his first Giant Squid

Our Tuas Boatman

Another Giant Squid by Akashah

Overall front deck catch on Squids

Arin, another first timer on Squid Jigging

Keown with his priceless experience.

04 November 2006

Save Malaysian Billfish

“Billfish Conservation Programme” sign board given to a local boatman in Kg. Sg Dulang. Kedah.

One of the many unwanted sighting caught on camera.

03 November 2006

Kong Lak Adventure

17.8kg Grouper - Webmaster: Why you all never call me??

Big Eye Trevally

Skipjack Tuna!

Tenggiri jigger!

LKG Jigger's Team.

02 November 2006

Komplotting Song-Song Island

The beginning journey of Song-Song Island

6kg Tenggiri i tell you....

My last Barracuda as bachelor....

I am their tutor, I am their cikgu. They learn from me!

Handsome post...hehehe

Another Barracuda that hit the Jackpot

Simply delicious..nyam nyam...