29 September 2006

And the Fight Continues....

Date: 28th September 2006
Location: Semeling
Technique: Spoon Casting
Sally does us LKG proud with her 1st catch of the nite!!

Siakap's Galore......

The LKG warriors that omit their bed throughout the nite...

27 September 2006

Siakap de Culky

Date: 26th September 2006
Location: Balik Pulau
Technique: Casting
Muahahahaha !!!! approximately 10kg siakap that flat my breath.

Monster Giant Strike on 8lb Light Tackle...ooooo mama mia !!

Gulpp!!! Luckily she did not swallow my lures into her big fat stomach.

What a beauty of a fish specimen !

Off you go back to the wild!! Lucky for you I practice C&R

25 September 2006

Sg. Bakap Wonders

Date: 23rd September 2006
Location: Sg. Bakap
Technique: Lures and "Hong"
Setobe and the Golden Kap

With everyone hiding under the hut..due to heavy rain suddenly keown gets a hard hit...

keown: "aiyaa..hujan manyak lebat ma, satgi selesema plak. baik aku sembunyi bawah hut lawan itu ikan"
pirato: "i order u to go out there and fight the fish!!"
keown: "SIR YES SIR!! ...err..lemme wear my cap 1st ar..."

keown: "cis hampeh tul...rabut plak tu..i swear the fish was as big as my perodua kelisa!!"

The handsome moustache man is back in action

Anaconda strikes again!!!!

Lampam caught on Lannun's Rod.

22 September 2006

Sailfish Adventure 2006

Date: 15-18th September 2006
Location: Merchong, Pahang
Fisho: Wildboar, Fishnut, Lapala, Akashah, Sild, Lannun

Astalavista babeeeee !!! My first Sailfish in life.

Ooooooo....heavy heavy..the first Sailnut of Fishnut

Slender and beautiful just like me.................

Oiittt...don't touch my fish !!!

Whose fish is this anyway? Sild or Lannun?

I am so cute today

16 September 2006

Red Red Red Mangrove Jack

Date: 16th September 2006
Location: Russian Wreck
Technique: Apollo Bottom Fishing

Announcing Jackpot as the new RED MJ slayer :) in LKG

My only fish of the trip. Who am I ?

Yo! Yo! Yo! ...my age is 7 years old only. I am younger than him only 6.

Hmm...how can they land fish without me as their Tai Lor

15 September 2006

Biawak Dundee

Its time to change our fishing target...Ain't I better than Doraemon!
Date: 11th September 2006
Location: Balik Pulau
Technique:SoftPlastic Frog (R2S) Casting
Tiger with the beast..errr Biawakk! & Lannun with his Cicak!

Doraemon the 8kg Ang Chor Slayer

The moment everyone is waiting for....and hope to take over his place.
Date: 4th September 2006
Location: Taiping Wreck
Technique: Jigging
I am the lord of Golden Snapper. It’s not the eating, it’s the catching that is fun. Beat my record!

Jigging musketeers of longkangers..bang bang!!

Akashah and his noseless fish.

I am the most handsomest jiggers of the sea.

Smile...1...2...3....cheesseeeee !!!!