25 September 2006

Sg. Bakap Wonders

Date: 23rd September 2006
Location: Sg. Bakap
Technique: Lures and "Hong"
Setobe and the Golden Kap

With everyone hiding under the hut..due to heavy rain suddenly keown gets a hard hit...

keown: "aiyaa..hujan manyak lebat ma, satgi selesema plak. baik aku sembunyi bawah hut lawan itu ikan"
pirato: "i order u to go out there and fight the fish!!"
keown: "SIR YES SIR!! ...err..lemme wear my cap 1st ar..."

keown: "cis hampeh tul...rabut plak tu..i swear the fish was as big as my perodua kelisa!!"

The handsome moustache man is back in action

Anaconda strikes again!!!!

Lampam caught on Lannun's Rod.

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