29 October 2006

Squid EGing Fever

Dolah, Sild, Akashah and Monster Mangabang

Click on the image to view the wordings. Thks

Now Bigger, Better and Slimier.

22 October 2006

3 Stooges Tarpon

Wildboar landing his first Tarpon using Longkang Lures

The Tarpon King aka Tiger2My showing off his stripes again

Jackpot and his only catch throughout the day.

10 October 2006

Buka Puasa Gathering

Date: 8th October 2006
Location: Hotel Grand Continential Penang
Description: Harmonious gathering regardless of races, religion and age among LKG members. We are one big happy family.

Faster lah BANG.....posting somemore....we are hungry already :)

Huk! Huk! Huk! Totally wonderful food we are having now.

Not forgetting family members too........(Gekko & Family)

Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you.

Presenting the look alike brothers of LKG.

09 October 2006

Air Ganda

An escapade of fishing horizon that truly amaze every anglers.

A nice looking Sebarau caught on casting lures.

The fish that roam the water in Air Ganda. A good size Toman.

Destruction cause by uncontrolled logging activities that caught our attention.

Caught Red Handed. A stop must be made to prevent it from getting worst.

08 October 2006

UK Longkang Ambassador

Location: Loughborough, United Kingdom
Fishingboy the ambassador of LKG exploring all the longkangs he can find in UK. Pike caught on spinnerbait.

A perch by its name. 2kg Perch caught on Spinnerbait.

The happening Longkangs found in Loughborough

07 October 2006

Senangin Jigging

See how many Senangin fishes we landed.

Like father and son.

Doctor Firetiger who is on fire throughout the trip.

Sild and Kacuakman and their Senangin.

03 October 2006

Air Kuning Recce

Date: 30th September 2006
Location: Air Kuning, Perak.
Jeymatt and his last PB as a bachelor

Close up of LC lures that strikes the fish

Fishnut aka The PBnut strikes again with impressive catch

Titanic 3 in the making.............

The saga of Titanic 3 continues......

01 October 2006

MFN Seatackle U4 Sportfishing Challenge 2006

Date: 7-8th January 2006
Location: Clearwater Sanctuary - Ipoh, Perak.
Our participating team representing Team Longkang Gang

The picture says it all.

Hey hey hey......peace for fish man !

Emmm...ZzzzZzzzzz....... (".......................")

LKG posting with MFN Webmaster - Mr.Vincent Chin (Front Row 4th from left)