12 December 2007

LKG & PAW Kenyir Trip 2007 - Part 1

Report by: Bigbite88 (Mixture of Malay and English Language)

The Northern Region's LKG'ers (me, Bowjenk, Erwan (Bowjenk's friend), Takin and Tok Dolah) first meet up at Tok Dolah's place at 2.45pm after they performed the Friday prayers. 3.00pm we started to leave Penang and soon we picked up Are-Bear from his place at Seberang.

We traveled like there's no tomorrow and then meeting up with a few other participants (Akashah, Peggy, Din Idola etc) of the trip at Simpang Pulai at around 8 (not too sure bout the location and time as I was busy sleeping)

The main entrance to Kenyir.
ALL ABOARD!!! Loading time...

Our ride to the destination port took us around 3-4 hours. While cruising ahead, many took the opportunity to catch up with old buddies or share their fishing technique teachings.
The sceneries of Kenyir were simply breath taking!

I was on the same boat with Rookie Boatman Erwan and The Ever-Humble-And-Helpful-Human-Minn-Kota Bowjenk. First cast,first sebarau! The sebaraus here fights as though they were on steroids and made me think it was a toman! Yozuri altima did the trick.
Bowjenk suggested us to head back to the mother boat as it's already time for dinner. I checked my watch, It was 640pm.remembered otai-otais' advice on using poppers during early in the morning or late in the evening. Wasted no time,cast in...BOOM! Juvenile toman on first cast. First career toman on skitter pop clown colour and soon we head back to the mother boat.
I was later transported to sit in the long boat with other PAW boys as the boat I sat in yesterday was rather small and fearing water could come from the side of the boat. Landed this sebbie with a TD7 Fire Tiger.
Tried the Altima spoon but no response the whole day, switched back to the GFR, had a hook on and the sebbie was safely landed.
My boatman (Abu Gangsta) on day 2 with his toman on Shad Rap Gold Fish.

And me with the masterpiece of the trip. A KELISA on TD7 Fire Tiger! What the heck? Don't kelisa feed on top water? What I did the other day was, I saw a nice location to cast to. I cast, I cranked once and BANG! HOOK ON! We didn't know it was a Kelisa until it started jumping like a tarpon. Awesome fighting skills. I think I must have casted right above the Kelisa's head which triggered its instinct to whack. WOOHOOOOO!

Beautiful fish...released safely and unharmed...
Day 3 - I was on the same boat with Tekong Terhebat Akashah,Din Idola,Dellipo and Sham (Akapiman's husband).
Double Hook-up!!
Dellipo and his fish
The captor and the captive

Left on Kenyir on Tuesday.Mother boat reached shore at 12.30pm.left finally we reached Penang at 1.30am exhausted but we definitely brought back plenty of sweet memories from this trip

Conclusion : Catch rate was awesome. Averaging 8 fish per person. I was on a long boat consisting of 5 or 6 anglers. So the catch rate for me not that many compared to others who were in a boat with 3 person. No badongs (Big Sebbie) were landed by the participants.

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