21 October 2010

LKG Billfish Challenge 2010

A delayed update on the event.
Sailfish fishing off Rompin, Pahang, East Coast Malaysia.

Here are some shots of the fun...
The following pictures by Akashah! Enjoy...

"Fish huggers" caught red handed!

Say cheese!

I caught something other than sailfish!

Group Shot!!

Now... Loban vs. Sailfish!
But he decides on  a warm-up by wrestling a Toman first!

Hitting upstream before going out to the open sea!

It was worth it!!

Now back to the main agenda...

Yes, Loban won the fight with the Sailfish!

Double hookup!!

Yes, we have creative imagination!

And even more shots from  the event...

El Pirato and one of the many Sails caught...

A scene from the Odyssey! Haha...

Picture perfect!

Battle scars!

Yes, on fly!!

Nice fly, Mister!

Nice flying!


Beautiful sailfin!

BTW, here's a "kayak" perspective from the event!

Loban & Associates, at it again!

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