07 July 2007

Invasion of Mini BSR-Tambun

Report by: Jackpot
Photographer: Jackpotress, Jackpot and Mbax

Anglers: Jackpot, Jackpotress, Yeapwl, Mbax and Mbaxess
Date: 07-07-07

On the day Latok Culky, Lannun and Doraemon went to Etika to catch kecik-kecik lampam fish, the PBG Gang decided to spend our weekend at BSR-Tambun with the exclusive Royal Plabuk Thai-Malaysia mixed fish.

We achieve excellent results score that left other Anglers drooling for fish to take their bait. The stronghold of PBG Gang were unmatched by anyone else. We even gather a lot of neighbourhood support that were supporting us all the way from the fence behind the pond. Many motorists passing by the road behind us were stopping after one another when they hear our screaming reel calling for help.

We started our day by warming up our rods with Patin fish on the smaller scale pond. The early action send everybody that was hunting the Plabuk decided to step in to join in the fun that we were having. However, skills were not what they have. Only 1 landed by 3 anglers while we were landing one fish from one cast of dedak. Skills showing were what we're doing on that pond; not luck.

With great actions in front of us, photography session were kept limited as we were busy showing off to the rest of anglers of our skills.

After about 1 hours of showing off, our third PBG master arrive with his soul partner. They supposed to register their marriage today but due to the responsibility of making PBG event, they steadily postpone the occasion to the following week ahead.

Our siamese localized PBG master urge us to take on the Plabuk as the timing is now right on schedule to catch the biggies. With his advice and the tiredness of showing off, the first and second PBG turn our attention to the next tennis size court pond.

As this is my first lifetime Plabuk experience, i show all three shots taken to let you view the fish in different angle beside the facts that i want to show off as well.

BANGG!!! Double hook up of plabuk. One on the North and one on the South. While I was figthing the fish, Yeap got another Strike. The third PBG Master rush to his vehicle to get the digital camera.

Another biggies Plabuk landed by PBG master Yeap. I could say that we even did make others feel ashamed of themselves to fish with us on this pond again. Mbax constantly hooking up more plabuk than any of us had. From small to Big, all also he got.

This prove that you need a Siamese to talk in Thai language to the fish.
Needless to say countless of Plabuk were landed by the 3 PBG master, even both our Jackpotress and Mbaxess did land their first plabuk fish.

Truly a tired day for PBG invasion.

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