08 November 2007

Muda Dam Explorer

Muda Dam @ Nami District, Gubir.
Longkie : Longkie Lapala & Longkie Koay Kao
Weather : Gloomy with light drizzle
Targeted Species : Haruan & Sebarau

The day started off from the Esso Station at the South Toll of Alor Star on the Lapala's Fishing mobile, a classic mitsubishi wagon with 2000cc of pure muscle. A joy to ride with huge room to put all the equipments. On the early morning hours of the day, the highway was covered by fog thus slowing down our journey and took us an hour to reach our location.

The anxiety of fishing couldnt be much higher as we dont even have time to arrange properly our things, Lapala starts the engine and va va voom we head to our first fishing spot. While on the way there, 'Look to your 2 o clock', shouted Lapala. It was our first sight of the legendary Arowana, surface from the water. Spotting at the spot for few cast, but unfortunately nothing bit our lures. First adrenalin rush of the morning. More to come...hehe

After the first sighting of the fish, we move to the lucky spot whereby Lapala, caught two of them before in a single day. Will it be another lucky day again for both of us?? Hehe... Well if everyday is lucky day then, might as well we be a full time angler...LOL. Moving further into the lake, there were lotsa rawai and nets which is again local fisherman vs anglers. Sad to see these situation, but nevertheless they are just doing what they are good for daily survival.

Talking bout the lake, it is much different from the of Chenderoh and Banding. Much serene, quiet and relaxing. And Longkie Lapala, knows this lake so well as if like the longkang back of his house. Many say ekor biawak type of boat is hard to handle, he maneuver it so well, like Lewis Hamilton driving a F1 car nia...

Okie enough of casting for haruan, we went up stream for some sebarau action. Thou that day the current was strong, we brave through the current and park out boat on the rock for casting. Before we start casting, we decided to post a few fishing post, perhaps one day Columbia might need our pictures...keke.

No Fish, No Worries, but style must come first.First time in my life doing so, budak city! Cast after cast, no fish answering the call.

Soon after that, we decide to row down stream and to cast in the same time. Not long after we again park at one of the rock and this time, a sebarau came up and a straight overhead cast on the spot, the fish took my lure (Rapala Shad Rap, Orange) and wahlah, the first fish of the day (feel like eating it raw only)

Lapala decided to call for a swim and soon was joining in. t was simply relaxing with the cool water and strong current providing the natural jacuzzi. Surely rejuvenating after half a day searching for some action.

Catch of his life, with a Longkie Post. Simply sizzling bro!

Sad to say, but true enough, that was our last catch of the day and was given the lesson of how to maneuver the boat and at the final corner to home run, crashed!! But thank god, Lapala is there to save the day...Lapala the man!!

Overall the trip is a very relaxing trip and thanks a lot for the experince, Brather Lapala

Report by: Koay Kao

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