20 November 2007

Plabuk with Angker and Madfish

Report by Angker

Went there today with madfish and found that they management has implement a flat rate of RM20/day for the plabuk pond effectivly November onwards. Didn't know that until I went to get back my deposit as we only fished for 2 hours. Luckily I manage to persuade the lady boss to charge the old rate of RM10 for 2 hours as I've a prior engagement and could not continue.

Anyway I had only 1 strike and 1 hookup for the whole 2 hours. Mad was better as always with 3 strikes and 2 hookups. He lost the other (very normal) after fighting for about 5 minutes. The other 2 that he landed was a small 'curut' size and 1 which was badly injured with the leftover hooks still hanging on the body and the tail. The size was about 2 -3kg.

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