19 March 2008

Mangrove jack/mangrove roots and mangrove branches

Report by: Culky

Boi2 pick me up at precisely 4am and we reach Lan's place at 4.10 ..Strange? there was no light and Lan was nowhere to be seen.Normally he would be there packing, unpacking,talking to his cat and sorting out his Tesco bag..So ,i gave Boi2 a big smile and said"Lets go and get sumtin to bite"But inside i curse and swear at Boi2(U see he my ride for all my fishing trips and thats y i pretended thats its OK...The time of meeting is suppose to be 5.30!!!)

3 cups of drink and a plate of a very forgetable nasi kandar later we were again at Lan's place and this time he was there doing his endless sortings.Watson arrive on his bike on time.As usual Boi2 got a lecture from Lan on the benefit of travelling light..Finally we started our anticipated journey. We met up with Round face at juru RnR and manage to squeeze in a very 'much bloated, since marriage round face'It must be a very tight squeeze at the back but nobody dare to complain.I was seated at the front with the A.con directed at my balls, quite comfy. We met up with Nasir at the gerai.Lan stuff himself as usual and sapu all the kuil.

We finally reach the jetty and those seated at the back stumble out of the 'Sardine can'Boi2 was complaining of 'Flatten Balls syndrome'The jetty was a hive of activities with anglers loading their gears. We were the only 2 boats doing casting, GOOD...All gears on board and as usual Jey with extraordinary effort managed to heave his great mass on board a seemly very small boat...let the pix do the rest of the story telling....................

A familiar situation..Lan dishing out instructionssss

A very worried Nasir sizing out the boat whether Jey can fit in or not.

This is what we came for!!!.Nasir holding the first MANGROVE JACK of the day.

This is what Boi2 came for!!!roots ,trees and branches

Boi2 with his first MANGROVE branch sheesh....


  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Ahaaa ini tempat macam menarik tapi kat mana nie ek? berapa ek sewa bot nie huhuhuhu

  2. Anonymous1:46 AM

    How's your record on your casting at K Terong? I think we met on one occassion with your troops. The siakaps favorite feeding time are usually in the morning and late afternoon depending much on the tide there. Anyway, best regards to you all LKG. AJ Btw@Ipoh fishing kaki.