18 June 2008

Boboi and Gang

Report: Bigbite88

Last week's I decided to bring my best buddies for fishing as they came back for holidays fr overseas...brought along few friends to fish at Kakilai. Enjoy some of the shots we managed to capture.

Soon...it was time for the feeding process...i thought the feeding process in bedong was brutal...this was MIND BLOWING!l arge kembungs being walloped in matter of seconds before these fish came back for more helpings...

Told Melven to give fly fishing a try...he was able to cast out the line just enough to put the fly right into the frenzy...after numerous failed hook ups...was rewarded with his first fish on fly...I think I managed to poison him into fly fishing..

Soon doctor racun came and joined us...cast a few times only...had a gt at the end of his line....I cast the whole day GT pun tarak...released the GT in the water...therefore no pic.

He went casting again after the release and again...dont know what racun he put on the fly that made him register a second gt hook up in less than half an hour...wa tak bleh tahan dah...asked him to let me fight. Fight fight then...."PAKKK!"...NO! thats nt the sound of broken rod!not so skillful like the antique bt it was the leader that gave way...doktor racun admitted he sabotaged me by not changing the tippet after the previous GT fight.

All the guys that went had no lures...so let them use my lures lo...used 3 ratlling lures that day...silver green,chrome black,red crawdad...only 1 survived...2 others became GTs' lip piercing accessories...slow hopping off the bottom...

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  1. Wow ! I think to destroy the Lure 1 so serious that is 1 big Bass fish . The Vietnam we are interested in fish from the field of natural shrimp.