20 June 2010

Kuala Selinsing Fish Hunt

Fancy some wild Barramundi action?
We'll here's an update from JustJobe and the LKG from yesterday's Kuala Selinsing  trip!
Survey local waters lah konon...

KC, Tiger and Lanun.
Pirates Ahoy!
The first and only hit of the day by JustJobe!
Here's Jobe, rejoicing at the fact that he's finally caught a wild barra after 6 years in pursuit! Congrats Jobe!!! (PS: I'm waiting for my moment with a wild barra encounter too! :P)
Moving to shallower frontiers... with hidden agendas...
What other agendas besides fishing in a fishing trip???
Digging for kerang!!!!!
An interesting perspective...  apparently, a walrus is trying his hand at kerang hunting :P
The master kerang hunter at work!
Why dig when you can DIVE???
"Enough kerang lads, get back to work!", says the Kapitan...
After a hard day's work, let's go home...
That's your parking spot right there. RM2 please!
Meeting  with his konco-koncos...
Siakap masak Limau
Siakap masak Limau minus the siakap

Looks like we're missing some kerang pictures from the hunt :(

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