18 June 2010

2nd National River Clean Up [2010]

On 6th June 2010, LKG & Rotary Club members of Tanjung Bungah joined efforts in supporting KAGUM's Second National River Clean Up.

BTW, it flooded!! But that didn't stop or slowed the group down...
It only brought more fun!!

Here's the report by Tiger2My:

In brief.......Report from Penang. PMPP/Rotary Club Tanjung Bungah/Longkang Gang
Location: Sungai Batu Feringghi (Chin Farm)

#1. Diapers -------------------------12
#2. Tins/Aluminiun cans--------------34
#3. Glass bottles --------------------12
#4. Plastics bottles-------------------65 (Rod Warrior alone collected about 30 +)
#5. 1 roll of carpet ------------------about 7 ' x 12' (collected by T2My and Justjobe)
#6. 1x 500 gms tilapia ---------------impaled itself on an ixora plant thru it mouth..collected by Sally)

Total in KGs------------------------310kgs! Verified by MPPP using the Council's weighing machine
Total no. of pax involved------------25 [4 ladies, 5 teenagers (male)]
Total vehicles involved--------------1x 10 tonne lorry from MPPP
Total duration-----------------------9.30 am ----11.00 am
Total area covered------------------300 m x 100m (approx)
Total no. on menu (food)------------11 (beehoon goreng, mee goreng, nasi lemak, karipap, bengkang ubi, pulut bakar, onde-onde, lepat pisang, buah apple, buah pisang, drinking water)

Tally master : SunshineSally

Now, pictures...

The LKG Team of RCU 2010
The Transporter
The Caterer... Jaga Makan... hehehe
Plastic Bottles Champ
Dead Tilapia Champ and Diapers Champ...
The Plastic bags Champ and Assistant...

For the official report, head on to: MFN: KAGUM 2010 RCU Report

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