21 April 2007

Pulau 9 GT Casting

Date: 21 April 2007
Venue: Pulau-Pulau Sembilan
Anglers: Jeymatt, Fishnut & Wildboar
Boatman: Wahoo
Method: Light Tackle Casting.

What a beautiful sunrise to start a beautiful day

Our boat laying on the fine golden sandy beach and beautiful clear water waiting for our departure

Nutto's first GT of the morning on a popper

Look at the way my light rod bend

Jey's first hit on LC Wander95

A very powerful Queenfish, Nutto almost slip the gripping on his rod combo

Jey strikes again

2nd GT on Rattling Rapala

Double hook-up, Jey on Altima spoon and Nutto's on Rattling Rapala

A big-eye trevally aka Cupak on bulu-bulu by Fishnut

GT on Rattling again

Choppy waves of P9

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