07 April 2007

Team LKG mini-mini tourney: Tuas Tenggiri Challenge 2007, Yan, Kedah.

Date: 7th of April 2007
Venue: Tuas & Pulau Song-SongLocation: off Kuala Kampung Dulang Kecil, Yan, Kedah.

Participants: SlipDisc Gang = Jeymatt & Fishnut;
Pokeback Gang = Jiggyman, Jackpot & Yeapwl.

Tenggiri Score: SD 2 (Jey & Loberto), Pokeback 1(Jiggy
Other species score: 2 Cobia(Jackpot), 3 Squid (Loberto), 2 Squid (Jey).
Most fish caught: Countless baby groupers by Yeapwl !

1st catch of the day, Jey with his 5kg Spanish Mackerel!

2nd catch of the day, Loberto with his first ever 4kg Spanish Mackerel!

3rd catch of the day, Jiggy with his first ever 5.5kg Spanish Mackerel!

PotPot with his Cobia caught on Apollo jigs!

Pokeback Gang In Action

Is it a Tenggiri? Is it a Barracuda? No! It's a Rock!

Fish don't eat, I EAT!!!

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