29 January 2008

LKG Gang Outing @ Chenderoh Lake

Met at Lannun's Place 7amBreakfast at PELITAS in Auto city


Arrived at our destination..
Calvin Klien/Donna Karan/Karl Lagerfield/Zang Toi.... Eat your heart out!! MEET LKG's MR FASHIONABLE.A sight that will launch a thousand hearts...

Secret identity revealed... Its Mr LKG HIMSELF..Mr ONG..(Siam ONG)
Dolah as usual very eager to to start fishing
Finally.. everyone rushing to their favourites spots.. Anticipation is high..

A very predictable incident.. Culky and his fish. Psstt!! that fella behind jealous.

Fish released...
A VERY RARE PICTURE..MBAX HOLDING FISH.. In fact its his first Toman.. he got the fish from his MISCAST...

Yet another 2 fishes added to Culky record
We can even fish for Lampam's from the cafeteria area at the chalet as shown by Yeapwl

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