01 May 2007

Back to Air Kuning

Venue : Air Kuning, Perak
Date : 1st May 2007
Anglers : PikokMan (aka Daniel), Jeffery and Fishnut
Weather : Overcast and calm in the morning, sunny and windy in the later part of the day

Water Condition : Water high but receding, no influx of river water.
Fish Observation: PBs are definately spawning, close to shore especially around shallow flats and shallow bays
Result : A Happy Day

During the recent labour day holiday (1st May 2007), Daniel aka PikokMan (he's latest incarnation ) invited me to go back to the good old AK. So... ON LAH !!!

Road condition is getting worse as there's no maintanence, so the journey is slow. A loud screeching noise from one of the front wheel was quite worry some as we're passing through the potholes but luckily it went away eventually. Pheeeww...

Since it's a public holiday and a long weekend, I expected to see some crowds. Indeed it's like a pasar malam, every good spots are already occupied by people. Since that's not much going on in the 1st spot, I decided we should move on to a greener pasture.... then the day started to get interesting... I'll let the pictures do the story telling.... enjoy

A handsome young man with a handsome trophy PB, congrats !!

Jeffery with his biggest PB to date, he definately kena PB racun oh did I mention this is his 1st PB trip??

Close up of Jeffery's PB on X-Rap, Jeffery worked hard for this PB Bravo !!

Fuuyoooh!!!! PikokMan can also tackle Tilapia

Another good PB landed by Jeffery, I think he's moving to AK...


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