12 May 2007

Save KD Longkang Boathouse Campaign

Venue: Banding
Date: 12 - 13th May 2007
Project: Saving KD Longkang Boathouse

'Old motors' needs kopi to start the day. Preparing to start work

Usual Phenomenon! Culky and Fish

4am what to do?? FISHING LAH!!!

Yeap AND a fish!!!!!!

On their way to tow boathouse...

The 'Ailing' boathouse...

Show Off

Another show off.. after that episode he needed half hour rest!!!

The boathouse safely on shore

Work Work Work

Either working or peeing??

What you looking at? Never see handsome man before ahh?

Steel cutter professional at work

Our very own cage design

Ahh...heavy tummy heavy tummy

I want to go back!! I don't want to work.

Professional Welder at work.

To paint this drum, you need to measure the mathematics equation.

After half a day ,still trying to catch his 'FIRST' Fish...

Supervisors checking workmanship...

"*&%xx#* Tong! painting drums"

Hoi!!! You missed this spot lah!!!

Hey ! you are holding mine lah!! That is not the beam lah!!

Phase 1 Completion. The boathouse is now floating again.

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