05 May 2007

Look What We Did Last Saturday

Venue: Air Kuning, Perak.
Date: 5th of May 2007
Anglers: Tiger2my, Culky, Jeymatt and Jackpot
Results: 89 Peacok Bass (39 Culky, 25 Jeymatt, 13 Jackpot and 12 Tiger2my)

Look What We Did Last Saturday.....The biggest catch of the day...and there were not many kecimiows either...this "old anaconda" has got all the luck (expertise) that day even while pokebacking with potpot oso caught this one (see he is naked).

Tiger with his first photograph catch

Close up on the lures

Another one bites to dust...hehee

These Pics were taken after very serious coersion

Rowing with only one paddle against strong wind and waves while controlling the boat is no joke

A freshwater Dorado on Rogos lure

Jackpot's close-up shot of his PB on Soft Plastic.

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